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North: Extracts from visual identities



ロンドンのデザインスタジオ・ノース(North)の作品集。イギリスを代表する美術館を運営するTATEや、香港のM+、サムスン、Co-opなどのビジュアル・アイデンティティを手がける同スタジオによる初のモノグラフです。ブランド・アイデンティティ、パッケージ、展覧会、書籍、ポスター、ロゴなどを中心に、300ページ超のボリュームでこれまでの制作物がまとめられています。本書で使用されている書体「Neue Haas Unica」は、書体デザイナー大曲都市が「Unica」をベースにモノタイプ社のために開発したもの。 Founded in 1995 by Sean Perkins, North has always followed a highly individualistic path. The studio’s website doesn’t give much away, and the North Instagram account is similarly sparse. It’s almost as if they are a well kept secret. Even the studio’s name, derived from Perkins’ origins in the north of England, stands for plain-speaking visual directness. North’s work is the product of sharp research, high-end craft and precise visual expression. And as can be seen in the pages of this book, the result is a rich crop of brand identities, packaging, exhibitions, books, posters and logos clients that includes Tate, Southbank, Munch (Oslo), Co-op, Barbican, Samsung and M+ (Hong Kong). The typeface used in the book is Neue Haas Unica, developed by Toshi Omagari for Monotype and based on Unica (developed by Team ’77 and released in 1980). - Pages:308 Size: 300 x 230mm color hardcover Limited edition of 1000 Published by Unit Editions, 2023