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Macguffin 13: The Letter




文化、歴史、デザイン、芸術など、様々な領域を横断しながら毎号一つのオブジェクトを特集するオランダの雑誌『MacGuffin』。No.13, Winter 2023/2024のテーマは「The Letter」。便箋としての手紙にとどまらず、スクラブルの歴史、落書きの受容、人間がどのように文字を行うか、抗議文の文化、ミームの意味、西洋書体の支配に抵抗するタイポグラフィ、フランス語の狭い二値性、左利きの経験など、さまざまな視点から「Letter」の過去と現在を紐解きます。 ‘The Letter’ does not relate to the alphabet alone but to language, to code, to gestures, to media, and more. The letter is a magical symbol, and at the same time a very ordinary thing. It is embedded in specific culture and dependent on the reproduction technologies available at the time. The context is what makes it interesting: the letter is created, used, discarded, forgotten, and (sometimes) revived. Find out about the history of Scrabble, embracing graffiti, how humans perform letters, the culture of protest letters, the meaning of memes, typography that resists the domination of Western typefaces, the narrow binarity of the French language, the left-handed experience, and more. - Pages: 224 Size: 210 x 280 mm color & bw softcover English Published by Macguffin, 2023